VAX Instruction of the Week

While searching the web for some OpenVMS info I needed I came across a website called the VAX Instruction of the Week. The originator of the site, Marius Milner, said he no longer had the time to update his site every week (it realy was the instruction of every 3 months before Marius completely ran out of time) and would appreciate somebody else doing it. I e-mailed Marius and he was quite happy to let me take the reins. So from now on (that's an eternity!), every Saturday or Sunday, I'll discuss in depth a member of the MACRO-32 instruction set. I'm actually planning on addressing the VAX run tim library as well, and describing how the library functions can be implemented in MACRO-32. Keep comming back to this page every week, as it'll have the links to the VAX Instructions of the Week!

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