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I made a comment in the visitor blog that I needed a guestbook. I wasn't getting a whole lot of blogs, but my website was getting hits like crazy. I'd like to know what my visitors liked about my website and what drew them here in the first place. Searching my own website log I see hits from India, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, and even the United States! What's drawing such a diverse group to my website? BTW, my website was running on an IIS 5.1 web server, which only supports 10 concurrent users. I upgraded to IIS 7.5, which has no limit to the number of users it will accept. After the upgrade I started getting a bunch of visitor blogs, so I probably just needed even more website hits to get enough visitors willing to blog.

 I'm mainly interested in the comments, but please feel free to enter your e-mail address, etc. I may never gete back to you, but if you have something interesting in the comments section (like a question about how I did something in my programming section, ...) I'll probably answer you.

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