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Ever wonder how much you could get for your timeshare? You could take a look at the auction sites, like e-bay, and see the lowest prices imaginable. ...or you could take a look at some of the resale sites and see prices that are obviously unrealistic. There are several reasons why the resale sites price their properties so high: (1) Attract new customers who want to sell. (2) Make sure nobody else can sell the same property within 10% of what they're asking. There's a law that states the resale company must refund your money if you or anyone else sells your property within 10% of what the resale company is charging. (3) That's just a figure some salesman made up to get the timeshare owner to sell; the resale company doesn't plan on really selling the property.

So what type of prices am I talking about? The most money you can get and actually sell your timeshare. The actual figure depends on how your property is sold, and varies from 30% to 50% of retail. You won't get this much by putting your property on a web site. It's only possible to get this much if your timeshare is sold by using an aggressive marketing campaign. If you bought your timeshare within the last 5 years you're probably going to take a loss on the resale, but at least now you're not just giving away your timeshare, and you'll get enough money that you'll be able to do something useful with it; e.g., pay off what you owe on your car, or buy a car.

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