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Using .htacess files on

Whatever Happened To Active-X?

Creating Desktop Applications With Java

IE6 Now Has Tabbed Browsing

Color Changing With DHTML

Getting Rid Of Red Eye

Dynamically Changing Image Colors

Maybe You Have To Be Old To Know This

Maintenance Programming and J2ME

How To Steal MP3s From The Internet

Alice Reuter Murdered Her Father

Java Web Start

Java Web Start Pop-Up

I Just Upgraded This Website

I Can Be Viewed In IE & Firefox

Looking For Work On The Internet

Code Reuse

I Just Upgraded This Website Again

A View From A Dinosaur

CGI Shopping Cart

I Just Upgraded Serval

404.2 Error After a Windows Update

Creating Leads From The Internet

Criminality vs Party Affiliation

My Site Is Wildly Popular!

DHTML and HTML trees

Debugging an ASP Page

Using a Pay Pal Donate Button in a Web Page That Uses Frames

I've gone retro!

HTML5 Audio

Realplayer is now my non IE audio player

Removing Duplicate Contacts From Your Blackbery

Transferring a Windows XP System to a Virtual XP System Running On Windows 7

Community-Info Now Has an SFTP Site

Legacy OS 2 - A Variant Of Puppy Linux

An Illegal Method For Improving Search Standings

An Illegal Method For Improving Search Standings - Proof of Concept

An Illegal Method For Improving Search Standings - Execution

Syn Flood Attack (requires html5 support)

My Tablet Now Plays My Jukebox And I Need To Redesign My Home Page

I Cleaned Up My Source Code

Compiling The Crafty Chess Program

Anonymous FTP & User Isolation

Anonymous FTP & User Isolation - Video (requires html5 support)

Pussy Linux Full Install

Saving Your Pussy Linux Session

I Now Play Music on Linux

Yahoo Geocities Still Exists!

Compatability Mode and IE10

JChess and TakeNote

How To Get Your IE Favorites Back

I Am Number One!

Problems With The Fringe Series Finale

Creating Tabs in a Web Page That is Dynamically Created in Perl

IE 9 Has a Problem With <select>

Transferring a Web Server To A Virtual Machine

My Home Page Plays Music On Raspberry Pi

Reusing TakeNote Code In JChess

Dynamically changing the size of pieces in JChess

JChess ImageResizer on a Raspberry Pi

Compiling JChess With GCJ on a Raspberry Pi

Fixing Broken Stuff on my Website

JSObject Is Broken In IE10

Classical Gas - just like the Glen Campbell show!

32 bit access with 64 bit Perl via ODBC

Using JQuery For A Fade Effect

Displaying Information and Audio by Using onclick

Fixed Image Problem On My Home Page

This document was successfully checked as HTML5!

Classical Gas Slideshow Unleashed

How I Got A Command Line Prompt On My Android Phone

What Drove Me To Write My Own "Show More" Code

Using JSON When An Include File Won't Do The Job

Manipulating JSON with Node.js

Using JSON To Change The Background Images On My Homepage

Using A JSON Boolean Field To Prevent A File Update

Reducing an 8 Page Resume to 1 Page, by Utilizing JQuery

Collapsed Resume Optimized For Mobile Devices Is Working Now!

My Home Page Only Plays The Intro Monologue The First Time You Load It

One Tab At A Time

I've Gone Retro Again!

My Little Angel Has Passed Away

A Further Tribute To Citron

I Can Get Your Physical Address!

Classical Gas Code Now Uses iThreads

Linux Mint Can Access Windows 7

Keeping Track Of Visitors With PHP

Classical Gas with Detached Threads

iThreads Join is Running Better Then Detach

Dynamic Picture Galleries

My Website Now Runs On A Distributed Network!

PuppyPC Now Runs My SFTP Server

Seeing Your Own Website Even Though You Are Hosting It

Babe I Hate To Go

How Big Are Mobile Screens?

Don't Display ALT Text, Display An Image

HTTP Error 503

There is Only One Dave's Home Page (for html5)

IE10 & IE11 Now Display My Slideshow Without Flickering

Retrieving HTML Form Data With ASP & Perl

I Now Display My Slideshow Images In Their Original Dimensions

The Impetus Behind The Two Latest Songs On My Website

I Just Purged Some Records From My Guestbook

My First Graders Are Artists

Youtube Deleted My Post!

An Improved Version of the Program Youtube (maybe) Deleted

Beginning of Series; Emotions Detection Program

I've Got No Feelings

I've Still Got No Feelings

No Feelings Video

Trying out the haarcascade_smile.xml file

Improved No Feelings Video

Trying Other Smiling Programs

Strictly Finding Smiles

Smile Detection Using C++

My Final Analysis For Emotions Detection

Sticking With Eyes And Mouths

Creating New Haarcascade Files

My Cat Did Me In

Rolling Your Own Haarcascade

Cleaned Up Haarcascade File

Adaboost Tools & Tips

849 Image Haarcascade

1000 Image Haarcascade

1500 Image Haarcascade

2000 Image Haarcascade

End of Series; Emotions Detection Program

I'm Error Free!

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I've Retired

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